A journey through the history of mankind


Launched in 1873 the book “Around the World in 80 Days” is one of the absolute classics of world literature. Written by the Frenchman Jules Verne, the book tells the adventures of the English gentleman Phileas Fogg in an attempt to encircle the Earth in almost three months of expedition.

If traveling the world was an unimaginable challenge almost 150 years ago, today an expedition to know the mysteries and charms of the planet can be a luxurious and engaging experience.

At least, this is the desire agency Latitude, which is organizing a trip around the world that will make stops in countries like United States, Mexico, Morocco, Iran, India and China. The route, which was baptized as Great Empires of Humanity, will be held over 26 days, between March 28 and April 22 of next year.

As the name of the expedition itself confirms, one of the purposes of the tour is to know more deeply some of the great civilizations of history. To increase the knowledge of travelers, will be present specialists in history. The staff also has a doctor and chef de cousine responsible for the preparation of travelers’ meals.

The value of the complete package is just over 450 thousand reais per person and a total of 50 vacancies are open. For more information the company’s website is www.latitudes.com.br.

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