A new look at a Parisian icon


With a premiere scheduled for April 27, the documentary Reset portrays renowned choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied, best known for choreographing the dance sequences in the film Black Swan, in his campaign to rejuvenate the Paris Opera Ballet.

With the participation of composer Nico Muhly, designer Iris van Herpen and actress Natalie Portman, wife of Benjamin, the film becomes a delightfully aesthetic work.


Thanks to his experience in the US, his youth, reputation and communication skills, Benjamin Millepied is shaking up the respected institution. The goal of the artist is clear: ballet needs renewal, and it must occur at each stage of the creative process.

The realization of the documentary was only possible because Benjamin Millepied himself allowed the directors and producers to accompany each stage of the creative process, from initial ideas, through essays, to the gala premiere.


The result is a true cultural immersion that provides a chance to understand the choreographer’s creativity, the modernity of his work, and his abundant energy. The audience will be able to understand more about the choreographic approach of the artist and also witness their relationship with the dancers and how he deals with the management of such a respected institution.

One striking detail is that all the dancers were personally selected by Millepied from among those who make up the dance body. There is no star or main dancer, which further demonstrates the artist’s new concepts and innovative proposals.


Distributed in Brazil by Fênix Filmes, the documentary presents a new vision of one of the most admiring icons of Parisian culture.

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