A constantly changing market


Born in Italy in the year 23, the historian and philosopher Pliny once said that “the only certainty is that there is no certainty.” If the phrase of the Roman philosopher can be understood in the most varied senses, understanding it within the reality of the luxury segment helps us to understand the current panorama of the market.

Just think, for example, in the tourist segment. The city of Paris has always been a preferred destination when it comes to high-end travel. However, the tragic terrorist attacks that had devastated the city a few years ago were responsible for a decline in tourist activity.

The same can be applied to the technological question. To think that the world’s leading brands and brands nowadays need to use technology and their tools as a fundamental business strategy, certainly was not a reality or even a trend for a few decades.

Last week, news shook the fashion and luxury segments and stressed that change is the only certainty of life. The announcement of Christopher Bailey’s departure from Burberry in the first quarter of 2018 had a major impact on the market, but above all, he stressed the idea that nothing is eternal and, above all, no one is irreplaceable.

Bailey is currently one of the most established names in the fashion universe and his contribution was key to Burberry being one of the most prestigious brands on the planet. However, for reasons that in this case need not be taken into account, the fashion designer’s cycle in the UK is closing.

The departure of Christopher Bailey, without a doubt, concludes a period of great creativity and innovation in the history of the brand and the fashion segment. And for professionals, and managers, who work in the segment, the message is clear: everything always changes and it is essential to be prepared to overcome the challenges and achieve the goals.

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