A market beyond the stars

On December 14 of last year debuted in the screens of Brazilian cinemas the movie The Last Jedi. The production, which is the eighth film to tell the saga of the Skywalker family and their allies in pursuit of universal peace, shook the aficionados of the seventh art and brought millions to the screening rooms.

The narrative, which despite the futuristic tone of “long ago in a very distant galaxy,” is one of the greatest and most significant phenomena of pop culture of all time and the struggle between the forces of good and evil, which is essentially the theme of the whole story, can bring important lessons for the brands that act in the market of high standard.

The first relationship to be made between the interplanetary saga and the luxury segment is precisely the premium products developed according to the universe created by George Lucas. From high-end automobiles to jewelery and watches to furniture and home furnishings, icons from Star Wars mythology such as R2D2 robot or villain Darth Vader have served as inspiration for the development of the most diverse articles .

But, of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to the larger context in which galactic adventures can contribute to the strategic and operational management of high-end industry companies.

A striking feature of the series that can be adapted to the organizations that work in the area is the creation of an identity of its own. Music, lighting, and classic characters are present in virtually every movie and make viewers identify with and trust in the quality of what they are going to watch. Taking this as an example, companies and brands can also create a personality in the market and, through differentiation, develop something new and that enchants the customers.

And speaking of customers, one of the main wishes of today’s consumers is to experience outstanding experiences when purchasing a product or service. Anyone who is going to watch the Star Wars films knows that they will be transported to a unique, particular universe, and is willing to embark on new sensations. For luxury brands and professionals, understanding the importance of these experiences and presenting frequent customer news can make the difference between success and failure.

Last but not least is the concept of exploiting the brand in all its aspects. The Star Wars universe is not just about movie productions. There are books, comic books and television series that help increase interest in the plot and the audience interested in the subject. Companies and brands can also adopt this action, just have an open, participatory management and find ways to broaden the dialogue with customers and the market itself. Social media, for example, can play a central role in this process.

The Jedi Knights’ struggle for universal peace, it seems, is still far from over. As well as the possibilities of using the themes and strategies addressed in the saga as a reference or inspiration to grow in the luxury market.

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