A sea of opportunities in the luxury market


As is common to the most diverse niche markets, the luxury sector also has some icons that define the segment. The jewels that enchant and fascinate, the automobiles that combine speed and comfort or the perfumes that exude sophistication and charm are some of the items that reflect somewhat the grandeur of the sector of high standard.

Another good example is the maritime cruises that, year after year, present travelers with new destinations and different options for leisure and entertainment. Whether it’s to celebrate marriage, travel with your family or enjoy a program with friends, sea voyages are the promoters of truly unforgettable experiences.

In today’s economic scenario, cruises can still be seen as a thermometer that reflects the warming of the market. Although instability is still a ubiquitous companion in Brazilian daily life, the market gradually shows that it is in the process of resuming growth.

In the season 2017/2018 the number of tickets made available on the cruises that will pass through Brazil had an increase of 383 thousand to more than 430 thousand. More importantly, this growth occurs shortly after the shrinkage of the sector that occurred in 2016. One reason for this growth is that ships should stay longer on the Brazilian coast and also be responsible for longer trips short Through these more concise itineraries, the number of passengers on board is increased.

Using as a basis for analyzing the high-end market as a whole, ocean cruises performed well because they had the ability to renew themselves and realize the nuances of the market. In this way, a sea of ​​opportunity can open up for those who work in the sector and especially for travelers and tourists who will be even more likely to enjoy the advantages of knowing new destinations aboard the most luxurious boats in the world.

The present economy, without a doubt, is far from being a sea of ​​calm. However, it is critical that companies, as well as customers, realize that the timing is ripe to grow again. After all, if from a political point of view the alternatives are still not clear, it is economically up to all of us to contribute to a country, and an even better market.

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