A luxury carnival

The recent history of the luxury market proves that in an increasingly systematic way, the experiences are becoming intimately linked to the consumption of the products of high standard. Much more than acquiring a good or engaging superior service, consumers and customers seek to live feelings and sensations that make the process even more memorable.

In some aspects, this search for experiences during the acquisition process bears a strong resemblance to the sensations experienced during carnival. The feast that is considered the greatest show on Earth makes it possible to experience emotions that are not routine and traditional for the rest of the year.

It is no wonder that one of the maximum symbols of carnival revelry is fantasy. In other words, by becoming a pirate, a mermaid, a prince or a concubine, revelers and leaflets exercise the right to become what they desire and aspire to. The limitations and borders are for Ash Wednesday and what counts is to enjoy the moments of celebration and fun.

The experiences that luxury brands are promoting to their customers also take this reality into account and the democratization of the market contributes so that more and more people can experience it. The experience of luxury, of course, is close to purchasing power, however, there are no impediments to luxury manifests in a plural and broad. Having a delicious breakfast by the sea or enjoying the sunset in the company of friends and family are moments that can count on generous doses of luxury.

Just as the carnival is the moment to leave the daily life a little sideways and indulge in a kaleidoscope of feelings and feelings, the process of acquiring a luxury good allows the shutdown moment of the routine and the delivery to a world where desire, dream and reality are mixed and complete. So, enjoy the party to be happy and make this carnival cheerful, fun and very luxurious for all of us.

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