A year to celebrate

From the economic point of view, Brazil and many countries of the world have experienced moments of instability in the last year. Several sectors went into recession and had to adapt to a reality very different from that planned.

However, the companies and brands that operate in the luxury market, according to data from a study recently published by the consulting company Bain & Company, has many reasons to celebrate, since the segment grew 5% in 2017 reaching a total turnover of approximately $ 1.4 trillion.

For the most iconic brands that have stores and products distributed in almost every continent, the good news is that the growth has taken place in a very generalized way, encompassing the most diverse regions. How could it be otherwise, China again accounted for much of this increase, with a public increasingly interested in purchasing high-end goods.

Na foto que abre a matéria, destaque para bom desempenho do segmento de carros de luxo. Acima, o registro do crescimento de 6% no setor de artigos pessoais, que engloba produtos como roupas, sapatos, bolsas, relógios e joias.

Another quite significant information indicated in the survey is that the Generation Y, or so-called millennials, accounted for 38% of premium sales worldwide, further increasing its market share.

E-commerce, once again, played an important role in the revenues of luxury companies. Online sales grew 24% over the previous year, and again, much of this advance is due to the participation of younger generations and the intensive use of computers and the internet.

One of the most traditional sectors of the luxury industry, personal items, which includes products such as clothing, shoes, handbags, watches and jewelry, was highlighted in the year that ended, with a growth of around 6% and a higher total turnover to 260 billion euros. But the highlight was in the automotive sector. The commercialization of luxury cars was undoubtedly one of the high points of the sector of high standard in 2017.

Dentro do setor turístico, o destaque de 2017 ficou por conta dos cruzeiros de alto padrão, que aumentaram em 14%.

And in a good year for the luxury sector, it is impossible to leave out tourism. Cruise sales rose 14% and hotel and lodging services rose more than 4%.

One of the main conclusions of the report is that in the coming years the market should keep pace with growth. Although the indexes are still lower than a few years ago, the high-end segment is resuming its actions and, increasingly, providing customers and consumers around the world with the most incredible and unforgettable experiences.

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