An admirable and luxurious new world


If there is one word that can define the moment we live in today is connectivity. Through the technologies of information and technical advances never before in history we had the opportunity to interconnect ourselves in this way.

And this connection does not only occur between people, but also between electronic devices. After all, cell phones that help control cars and watches that check the heart rate and other health-related aspects are becoming more and more common.

Technology, in the end, has become a powerful companion of the present times. The high-end market, aware of people’s broad-based interest in the subject, continually finds ways to embrace innovation on a business day.

According to an article published last Friday, February 17, on the website of the newspaper Valor Econômico “digital tools should gain relevance, both to influence buying behavior and to strengthen the performance in electronic commerce. Brazil is already the third market – after the United States and England – where the consumer most uses the digital medium in the shopping journey. Before going abroad, he selects the products of his interest online. “

And within this new perspective, the audience formed by younger generations tends to gain special attention from companies operating in the luxury segment. The so-called millenials, a generation formed by young people born in the 1980s and 1990s, have already become responsible for a significant part of the movement in the world tourism sector, especially in activities linked to experiences and sustainability.

The importance of the technology is so great that sales professionals working at Burberry, for example, use tablets to analyze their customers’ purchasing history and with the information they obtain, make their approach more objective and personalized.

If technology innovations are responsible for the globalized and connected world that we live in today, they can also effectively serve the brands and companies that work in the luxury market on the eternal mission of winning and retaining customers.

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