Oriental tradition


The gastronomy of a nation has meanings that go beyond food and encompass history, lifestyle, religiosity and tradition. Recipes go through the generations and harmonize with people so concretely that they become practically one.

Among the dishes that represent their regions of origins, perhaps sushi is one of the easiest to perceive the place where it was created. Characteristics such as stubbornness in the face of challenges, patience at all times and high doses of knowledge, which characterize the Japanese people, can also be found in those who produce true works of art with rice, algae and the most delicious fillings.

Whoever believes that sushi was born in Japan, more specifically in Tokyo, is quite right, although at the time of its emergence, the best-known city in the land of the rising sun was not yet named. According to NippoBrasil Portal, the need to conserve fish was fundamental to the creation of sushi. “Due to lack of resources at the time, the fishermen wrapped the fish in a portion of rice, which when fermenting, sour and kept the fish for a longer time. Over time, the Japanese discovered that the combination rice and fish had a flavor This is how sushi was born. “

And the relationships of this gastronomic delicacy from the East to the premium segment go far beyond the fact that they are present in some of the best restaurants and luxury hotels. Sushi is a meal appreciated in all parts of the world, so nothing more natural to the tourist sector than to celebrate this healthy gluttony offering the dish in the absolute majority of the international hotel chain.

In addition to being a desired option on the menu, sushi has also become a companion at all hours. It is possible to enjoy all its flavor at any time of day, in the company of friends, at parties and parties. If the Japanese are masters in the ability to respect schedules and rules, sushi allows everyone a full freedom.

All this interest has awakened the creativity of some of the world’s best-known and brilliant chefs, who have created modern recipes that blend tradition and luxury. An example of this is the sushis created by the Philippine chef Angelito Araneta Jr, who in addition to the rice has as ingredients African diamonds of 20 carats and gold leaves.

Nowadays, oriental luxury has become irresistibly delicious.

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