Top 5: the flavors that should shine in 2018

Decreased and maintained weight, increased disposition, disease prevention, improved mood, hormonal balance and regulation of the body are some of the benefits of healthy eating. The trend that consolidates more each day, must also be one of the protagonists in the cuisine of this new year.

Check below the main trends of the world food segment according to the data released by Pinterest that analyzes the posts and shares in this one of the most known and used social media in the world.

Moroccan Cuisine

Gastronomia marroquina

A very diversified and colorful cuisine full of specials, vegetables and tasty fruits and exotic character. This is an appropriate definition of the Moroccan gastronomy that is famous throughout the world for its authenticity. Flavors such as cumin, cardamom and coriander, typical of the country, should be present in many recipes this year.

Vegetable Protein


Vegetable proteins contain a low fat content, can help control blood pressure and are still cholesterol-free. Another important point is that they are digested more easily, since they do not present the addition of chemicals. Lentil, quinoa and beans are examples of vegetable proteins that should shine in 2018.



The daily intake of soups is a recommendation of many nutritionists for those seeking a balanced diet. Nourishing and digestive, they have the ability to harmonize the most diverse foods. The creamy soups created based on the superfoods follow the natural tendency and still potentiate the flavors.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

There are even those who think that a drink to be tasty needs to contain some alcohol. Drinking experts from around the world prove they do not, by creating amazing cocktails with an immense taste and no droplets of alcohol. In a time when sober driving has become mandatory, the demand for soft drinks only tends to increase.



Despite the millenarian origin and being one of the most consumed beverages in the world, the coffee still arouses heated debates. There are those who defend it with passion and those who claim that its consumption is bad for health. By 2018, the trend will be adding substances to the coffee, making the drink stronger and healthier.

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