Top 5: Celebrate the art of comfort with incredible chairs

Although the fundamental purpose of a good chair, essentially, is to unite comfort and practicality, its role in the decoration of environments has long been of great importance. With an immense variety of styles and materials chairs are pieces that can innovate or potentiate any decoration project.

That’s why Terapia do Luxo has crafted an incredible selection of five chairs that, in addition to being absolute icons of world furniture, can also help to give that tone of sophistication to your project. Check it.

Paimio Chair

Cadeira Paimio

Created by the Finnish Alvar Aalto, the piece has a rather curious origin: it was developed to be part of the furniture of a sanatorium with the aim of assisting in the treatment of patients with tuberculosis. Combining comfort and functionality, it was only in the second half of the twentieth century that furniture was recognized by furniture professionals.

Egg Chair

Cadeira Egg

If there is unanimity when it comes to furniture that combines luxury, comfort and design, this is certainly the Egg chair. Created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, a designer who was already widely known in the furniture industry, the chair has been renewing itself over time and today it can be found in the most diverse fabrics and styles.

Nelson Coconut Egg

Cadeira Nelson Coconut

Presented to the public in the 1950s, the Nelson Coconut Chair became an icon of furniture production of the last century. Designed with simple shapes, it is impressive the comfort that the piece offers for those who want to rest. The base consists of only three feet so a modern touch to the chair.

Oculus Chair

Cadeira Oculus

If there is a word to accurately define the Oculus chair it is certainly elegance. Designed by the Danish Hans J. Wegner, the chair was baptized using the Latin term meaning eye, due to the curvature at the back of the furniture.

Favela Chair


Timeless, functional and full of meaning. These adjectives characterize very well the Favela chair, created by the Campana brothers. Inspired in the peripheral regions of São Paulo, the furniture was launched in 1991 and, over time, its importance was recognized and valued.

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