Italian flavors on Fifth Avenue


New York is considered the most cosmopolitan city in the world and, in a practical way this means that in the urban center of the city you can find cultural influences from around the world in segments ranging from architecture to fashion or the artistic universe to gastronomy.

Speaking of gastronomy, whoever wants to know the best of the Italian culinary arts in the Big Apple, the address is the Armani Ristorante, which is on the famous Fifth Avenue.

Agliolini Verdi

Agliolini Verdi

The restaurant is located on the third floor of the Armani boutique, right in the heart of Manhattan. In addition to New York, just three other cities around the world have the privilege of counting on an Armani Ristorante: Tokyo, Dubai and Milan.

At the entrance we already enchant with the beautiful and exquisite decoration of the environment. As is common in the works and creations of Giorgio Armani, everything is sophisticated and elegantly clean. The color palette of furniture ranges from black, white and gray with a unique lacquer finish. The spacious and comfortable tables combined with the beautiful design of the armchairs make the atmosphere even more cozy and the luxury experience is complete with the vertical lights and the windows open to the fifth avenue. The sensation is, at the same time, solemn and intimate.


To define the menu, a single word is perfect: remarkable. The accurately recipes translate the contemporary Italian gastronomy and the cordial service of the whole team is really worthy of note.

I chose a side table, overlooking to the Trump Tower. Initially I was surprised by a delicious amuse bouche, a bottle of Armani water and a beautiful basket of freshly baked breads.



The sun lit up and made the city even more beautiful and to match the moment, my choice was a refreshing white wine. To accompany, I chose seafood. I love lobsters!

To start,  SCAMPI – Crudo, Marinate al Lime, Cipolline Rosse, Mandorle and Lamponi (raw lobsters, lemon and red onion, almond cream with raspberry). For main course, AGLIOLINI VERDI con Scampetti and Funghi di Bosco Spinach (Thalharim of spinach, lobsters and wild mushrooms). The dessert? One of my favorites: Tiramisu.


For those in town on business or leisure, Armani Ristorante is the great option. I tell everyone who wants to live moments of pure luxury in New York.



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