The market grows again


The recent times were not the happiest for the business sector in Brazil and the world. The results, especially in 2016, are so far below expectations that not even the top global brands have recorded major commercial successes. In general, who did not count losses, had reasons to celebrate.

Therefore, the expectation for this year has grown consistently. And, at least so far, the setting looks pretty interesting. Here in Luxury Therapy, for example, we have already had the opportunity to report the good performance of the market of high standard in several regions of the globe.

A few days ago, we approached the good moment of the real estate segment in Portugal. This week, the subject was the excellent result of the ten largest brands in the world in the Chinese market. According to one of the most respected financial consulting firms, the expectation in the largest power in the East is that commercial growth is around 26% in relation to last year.

In Brazil, certainly, the forecast is not so optimistic, however it is possible to perceive that there is a new movement in the market. Although political instability is still far from being fully resolved and this has a direct impact on the economic sector, companies and luxury brands are confined to the market to grow again.

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to travel across several capitals from north to south of the country and I have clearly noticed that people have once again taken a positive view of the market and, as far as possible, are re-valuing the experience of high-end goods.

Predicting the future with exactness is impossible, but believing in the potential for market growth is a truly concrete action in pursuit of the return of economic development.

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