The digital market in the spotlight


The importance of the digital market in the modern economy is indisputable. And a good example of this occurred last Sunday, November 12, when Chinese e-commerce giant AliBaba reported that it had total sales of more than $ 25 billion in just one trading day.

The result, which is larger than the Gross Domestic Product of several nations on the planet, indicates that the growth potential of internet sales is still far from being widely accounted for and understood.

Therefore, brands like the Italian Giorgio Armani are developing several actions aimed at the online market whose goal, in general, is to boost sales worldwide. Recently the brand has launched its new website, which allows customers and consumers an even more dynamic and intuitive navigation.

In addition, a large amount of money was invested in the headquarters of the brand located in Milan, aiming at the creation and production of digital content, which broaden the interaction of the brand with its target audience through a multimedia material that involves the entire audiovisual area .

Another action that proves that Giorgio Armani is putting the digital market at the center of its growth strategies is the partnership with Net-A-Porter, which will have the exclusivity to market the brand’s new collection during the month of November.

If online sales were only recently seen as a strong trend in the market, today they have already consolidated and undoubtedly will play a decisive role in the future of the major fashion and luxury brands.

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