The luxury market as a lever for development


Recently, when answering an interview with a Brazilian communication vehicle, I came across a very interesting question: if it was strange talking about luxury in a country that had already been undergoing economic and political instability for a long time in Brazil?

In fact, I found the question quite timely, since it gives rise to a major debate on the sector in our country. The first thing to be taken into account is that the high-end industry moves millions of dollars worldwide. There are regions and even cities that have in this niche their main source of income.

In addition, the luxury market is responsible for generating thousands of jobs around the world, and in Brazil this reality is no different. Still another detail in this theme is that jobs in this area have higher salaries and the need for qualification, which today are two important competitive advantages.

Therefore, it is extremely timely to talk about this market in a scenario of instability such as we still live in Brazil. The luxury sector is broad and plural and allows the creation of businesses of the most varied nature. From gastronomy to tourism, or from the beauty segment to the retail trade, all market niches receive with open arms projects aimed at reaching the high-income public.

It is still important to mention that the luxury sector can be used by established entrepreneurs as a lever of growth. If, for example, a business owner is already stabilized in the car trade segment, he can expand his market by also working with the luxury auto industry.

The high standard sector individually is not able to lift the economy. However, with the right investments and the understanding of the market, it is possible that the country’s entrepreneurs can profit even more from this sector and contribute significantly to the development of Brazil.

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