The luxury in every detail


The year 1992 is part of the history of the luxury segment and fashion significantly, it marks the opening of the first Christian Louboutin store in Paris. Currently, the brand is present in over one hundred addresses in several countries and the pursuit of perfection and luxury in every detail are characteristics that remain unchanged over time.

In the workshop of the brand in the French capital, Eximios professionals and artisans transform into reality the desires of customers seeking the perfect shoe. Through the Made to Measure service, shoes are designed only and exclusively.

Who seeks the shoe dreams, first need to visit the Parisian atelier of the brand. Once there, each customer gets the attention of a specialized team to meet all needs. “It’s an opportunity for those who love my shoes come into our world and create something truly unique,” said Christian Louboutin.


I had the opportunity and pleasure to participate in this unforgettable experience in the studio of Christian Louboutin and I can say that luxury is actually present in minute detail. The service of all professionals involved in the process is marked by courtesy and excellence. I, as a customer, really felt only with the feel of a product being created specifically for me.

Additionally, you can also realize the technical care at all times, after all, are different stages and they all need to be performed perfectly. The care and attention of the staff and all the technical sophistication of the processes out to me even more unique and exclusive character of each model produced there.

After the initial contact, the process begins with the measurement of the key points of the feet. Then, they are created reproductions after customers set foot in foam molds and breaks for the heel height of choice and the shoes beak shape and then starts the adjustment of forms and sculpture of plaster casts three-dimensional of the customer’s feet.


After completion of the mold, it is time to be created the first model of the draft which is based on the custom form. Then the insoles and soles and heels are embedded and the client is invited to taste the shoe again. According to the designer “couture dresses require different tests. The same applies to shoes “.

At this time, if changes are requested, artisans provide the changes to the production of the final version of the shoe. The care in every detail, is not a quick activity, the whole process can take about a year to complete.


The last step is bichonnage call and finalization of models is handmade. The shoes are released only after the approval seal of Christian Louboutin and sure you are with your desired and revered red soles.

Through the Made to Measure service, Christian Louboutin makes shoes that go beyond concepts and realize desires. And, what is even more important, they realize wishes personally, absolutely unique and personalized.

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