The luxury of the hours


France is one of the countries most sought after by tourists from all over the world. Knowing the charms of one of the most luxurious nations of the planet is the desire of millions of visitors that come to the country every year.

And, as it should be, among the most sought after French destinations is Paris. Visiting the French capital is to take a trip through world history and culture and to discover a place where refinement leaves the pages of etiquette books to be felt and experienced in everyday life.

For those who like to travel, the opportunity to get to know Paris has become even more interesting, through the recent disclosure that some of the most famous hotel chains present in the city signed an agreement with a company that operates a differentiated service: renting rooms by hour.

If at first glance rent per hour seems to be an activity where quality attributes are left a little aside, this should not happen in French hotels. The idea of ​​the project is to increase the occupation and to encourage the tourist activity in the city.

According to Maud Ruault, manager of Hotel Les Plumes who is offering the novelty to its guests, “people do not come to the hotel to sleep, they want an experience”. One detail that makes the alternative of lodging interesting, especially in a time of global economic instability, is that the values ​​available are much more attractive than the integral ones.

Another very useful information for those who like to travel a lot is that the service provider has already consolidated a partnership with more than 3,000 hotels in 16 countries, and for the next few years, the idea is to grow even more and make the novelty available to other destinations.

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