Luxury beyond experience


In the second half of 2012, during his visit to Brazil, the philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky said in an interview that there were “no more rules for luxury consumption, since it translates as an expression of individualism. Everyone has their idea of ​​what luxury is. And that is where cultural expressions and unique experiences come in. “

With this idea, much more than highlighting a kind of voucher when it comes to the world of high standards, the French author reflected that customization and customization of products and experiences would stand as the great differential of modern luxury and betting on these experiences would be the way for brands and companies to dialogue and win their customers.

Since then, experiences have confirmed their value within the new concept of luxury and it would not be an exaggeration to say that in 2017 they literally rose to a new level. At the end of last year, as was widely reported in the press, singer Pharrel Williams in partnership with the multinational brandy Louis XIII recorded a song that will be released only in a century. With the appropriate title of 100 years, the song is part of a campaign that aims to alert the world population about the effects of the destruction of the environment. As the singer himself said “the music will only be released if we take care of the planet”.

Just as it is important to emphasize the sustainable aspect of the campaign, whose objective is to debate the future of the planet, the potential of the initiative as a marketing action is undeniable, since the subject has been the subject of reports and publications around the world.

However, beyond these two central aspects, the partnership of Pharrel Williams with the Louis XIII brand definitely consolidates the idea of ​​experience as a fundamental element of luxury goods. Combining the modernity of a pop idol with a classic drink and against the background of the future of the planet, the action has raised the idea of ​​giving customers not only a quality product but a unique and valued experience.

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