The balance in times of agitation


A few days ago we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the New Year and the carnival is almost here. If this holiday season is great for reviewing friends and family and celebrating the good things in life, it can also be ideal for those who seek the balance of body and mind.

For those who had an intense fun at the end of the year and now want a bit of tranquility, the Rituaali Clinic & Spa is an excellent option to escape the bustle of carnival and enjoy the beginning of the year in a quieter place with a different proposal to improve health, change habits and live better.


The Rituaali Clinic & Spa is a health and wellness center with five star hotels located in Penedo, a few hours drive from Rio and São Paulo. The philosophy applied in space is based on Lifestyle Medicine, a specialty still not very widespread in Brazil that believes that good habits of life are fundamental to maintain health and prevent various diseases.


The Rituaali’s doctors and multidisciplinary team work on the tripod for food, exercise and natural treatments to put the guest on the path to health, well-being and happiness. Various treatments, therapies, monitored physical activities, workshops, and vegan gastronomy are offered, offering creative, healthy and very tasty dishes.


The Rituaali has prepared special packages for those who want to enjoy the carnival away from the hustle and bustle of health. For more detailed information, just go to

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