Wild nature, refinement and modernity


Recognized as a tourist destination in 1999, Riviera Maya soon became one of Mexico’s most important “points” and grows daily in the eyes of global travelers. The coast of the state of Quintana Roo, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, stretches 130 kilometers below Cancun from Puerto Morales to Punta Allen to the south.

A host of deserted beaches to true architectural ensembles among hotels, marinas, sports centers and restaurants, the Riviera Maya stands out, among other things, for its versatility. Playa del Carmen, for example, was a fishing village and, today, hosts resorts and hotels with international flags.


Regardless of whether during high or low season, as well as in Brazil and many other locations rich in beaches and adventures, accompanying the school holidays and summer, the activity most sought after by visitors is the diving on the Riviera, where we can find the Great Arrecife Maya, the second largest coral reef in the world.

But not only nature and adventure lives this multi-destination. The local agendas are not difficult to find in any guide or even on the internet and among the main achievements throughout the year are the carnival, which takes place in the same period in Brazil, Expo Tequila, an event that happens in the month of August always on a different beach, the Lol Cah parties, the largest Mayan heritage that takes place in September and the traditional Día de los Muertos, the most famous Mexican festival in the world whose date is November 2nd.


The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), a hospitality organization representing only the best hotels, resorts and spas in the world, has been recognized since 1928 as the leading the hospitality industry.

The UNICO, which carries the name of the latitude and longitude of its location, follows the trend of the all inclusive of the region (adding in the value of the lodging all the services and consumptions of the guests – even alcoholic drinks), but with the differential of being a adult-only resort with a 24-hour designated host for each guest while staying in any of its 448 guest rooms.

Developed to bring luxury to the roots of local culture, every décor, adorned with works by local artists, gastronomy, mixology and even beauty products used in the spa has regional ingredients. More information about hotel reservations and activities can be accessed through the website www.unicohotelrivieramaya.com.

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