Luxurious love


Main reason for the inspiration of poets and one of the true engines that drive humanity, love is undoubtedly the most luxurious of feelings. And, like love, which can manifest itself in the most diverse forms, luxury also has several strands and is not only conditioned to high values.

Like at a wedding party, for example. A luxurious wedding, in the view of experts in the field, is one in which good taste and quality of service and structure stand out. But, of course, everything has its price. Nicole Ofeiche and Luciana Josetti, in front of Nicole Ofeiche Assessoria and Cerimonial de Eventos, have celebrated dozens of luxury events for 13 years and talk about what makes a wedding luxurious.

“The luxury is not only in the money value that is spent. The added value with taste also gives the party a luxury. So you have to be careful about the choices and do a good search. The better the quality and experience of the professionals involved, the better targeted the grooms will be and the more chances the party will be a success, without headaches and meeting the expectations of the contractors, “explains Nicole.

The cost of a luxury wedding varies according to the choice of services contracted, suppliers, venue and number of guests. They say that luxury weddings in general currently include items such as 3D footage, Rolls Royce for bride and groom transportation, French income invitations, diamond alliances, good quality champagne, tenor chorale and even souvenirs for guests . Options, of course, make the party more expensive, but have been a trend in the most pompous marriages.

But if the idea is to be chic, but not weigh too much in the pocket, Luciana gives a valuable tip: “Not setting the budget of the event can make the couple end up spending more money than they would like, in addition to culminating in unnecessary expenses or unforeseen “. Therefore, putting a limit on the expenses beforehand can be a good outlet for making tasteful choices, but without waste.

And as far as the question is the choice of style for the celebration of a luxury wedding, they tell that one of the most common questions asked by the bride and groom is the most appropriate color palette. “I always recommend betting on softer colors and more traditional tones when designing the decor of a luxury wedding. That does not mean that using strong colors is forbidden, but soft colors make up the most exquisite weather. The important thing is to use creativity and good taste together “, completes Nicole.

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