Timeless luxury

Feelings and sensations are of immense importance in the high-end segment. And this becomes clear to the extent that we understand that shopping is often stimulated by pleasure, making the acquisition of luxury goods a truly emotional action.

To delight customers and offer this perspective, companies and premium brands include in their products some of the main characteristics of the segment such as originality, tradition, quality and beauty.

One of these attributes is even more special: timelessness. Objectively, it is the ability of a luxury property to continue to enchant even over time, often through generations.

In a niche market such as floriculture, whose ephemerality and fleacity are two characteristics that define the sector, is it possible to also create a timeless luxury goods? Yes, through exclusivity. An example is the delicate enchanted rose in the dome.

One of the main differentials of the rose in the glass dome is that it is an imported flower. Beautiful and natural, obtained through a preservation process that increases the durability of the flower, the species can reach up to three years. In addition, the beauty of the rose is also magnified, since the flower is a much larger size than the others of the species.

Those who are interested in knowing this flower of rare beauty and longevity, or want to present family and friends with a real natural luxury item, a good recommendation is Giuliana Flores. Through the address www.giulianaflores.com.br it is possible to order the rose in the glass dome besides a special selection of flowers, arrangements and gifts that conquers the heart of the most demanding.

Delivering charm, beauty and sophistication, Giuliana Flores offers its clients four unique models of rose in the glass dome. They are: Rosa Encantada Marsala, Rosa Encantada Cor-de-Rosa, Rosa Encantada Rosa Bebê and Rosa Encantada Roxa.

Can be used as a beautiful ornament to decorate the house or as a way of declaring the sentiment by a special person, the rose in the glass dome Giuliana Flores is the ideal gift for those who believe that magic can be present on the day day, and not just in fairy tales.

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