Information, knowledge and luxury


The history of luxury began to be written along with the history of humanity itself. For it is not difficult to imagine that at the same time that tools used to meet the first human needs were created, utensils and objects were also developed that had in transcendence their nature of existence.

Over the centuries, luxury has been gradually changing and adapting to the new times. From the artisan work of hundreds of hours to the production of a simple piece, it was adopted the industrial scale of work and the series production of products and goods of high standard.

The concept itself has evolved. If in the past accumulation and ostentation were defining characteristics of the subject, luxury now concentrates much more on the experience provided and on personal and collective experiences.

In the current context, one of the best translators of this emotional phenomenon involving elements such as desire, dream, consumption, individuality and sharing is the writer Gilles Lipovetsky, known as a kind of philosopher of hyperconsumption. During the presentation of a lecture held in Brazil, Lipovesky pointed out that, currently, consumption has become an “emotional experience. And I do not think that’s necessarily bad. The problem is that consumption and the market have become goals in themselves. And there is no happiness within a selfish, individualistic paradigm outside of human relations. “

And it is with the goal of breaking the paradigm of individuality and contributing to the sharing of luxury experiences that on the next December 8 will be released my first book on the market of high standard.

With the title “Entre taças de champagne e cálices de vinho”, the book was born with the idea of ​​fomenting the debate on the luxury market and to serve as a reading indicated for professionals of the sector as well as for those who desire more information and are curious about The way luxury manifests itself in contemporary society.

Through a lot of research and also a lot of interpretation, the book presents current information about the market and the way of acting of some of the most exclusive brands of the universe of luxury.

After all, if the democratization of information is one of the hallmark characteristics of the high-profile industry around the world, “Entre taças de champagne e cálices de vinho” seeks to provide all readers with knowledge involved in significant doses of luxury.

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