The importance of skin care in summer

Woman With Suntan Lotion At The Beach In Form Of The Sun

On this last Thursday, December 21, the summer officially began. Now that the hottest season of the year has opened, more than ever is the time to watch out for sun exposure.

Therefore, the Terapia do Luxo continuing its campaign “Sua pele é um luxo” whose objective is to broaden the debate and information exchange of December Orange, will make available this Friday in its social media a video with exclusive tips from the dermatologist Alessandra Fraga.

In the video, Alessandra points out that the month of December was chosen by the medical community to highlight the importance of skin cancer prevention. According to the dermatologist, melanoma, which is the most aggressive type of skin cancer, can lead to death and, therefore, prevention is crucial.

“Preventing is very important. And how is this prevention done? In two main ways. The first is to avoid risk factors such as solar radiation. The second is to examine the skin with a specialized professional at least once a year, “says Dr. Alessandra Fraga.

Check out the full video on Terapia do Luxo social networks, protect yourself from excessive sunshine during the summer season, and enjoy the exclusive actions of the “Sua pele é um luxo” campaign to stay even more informed and up to date.


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