Merry Christmas and a luxury new year


The year 2017 is bidding farewell to the calendar to get into history. Although from the economic point of view the period was not the most expressive, for companies operating in the luxury sector there are many reasons to celebrate.

In the first place, it is worth noting that despite the instability that marked the year, both in Brazil and in several countries, the sector of high standards maintained indices well above average. There were, of course, decreases in some areas, but in general the balance was positive and the sector kept rising even with the eventual waves of crisis.

Moving towards sustainability and ethics, companies in the industry have also demonstrated that they are increasingly attuned to the new demands of customers and society. The two largest luxury conglomerates on the planet, the LVMH and Kering groups, have permanently banned models with models that express very thinly. The attitude, which throughout the year has gained even more dimension with other important brands adopting the same posture, proves that luxury goes beyond the final product, it needs to permeate every stage of the business.

And speaking of business, this year was also marked by one of the largest acquisitions in recent industry history. The purchase of Jimmy Choo by Michael Kors really stirred the market and reoxygenated a brand that was very dear to the world.

In addition, the luxury market itself was able to renew itself and reinvent itself to continue being one of the protagonists of the contemporary economy. New ways of enjoying luxury products such as asset sharing and the search for more sustainable tourism, for example, are trends that have been consolidated this year and should remain in evidence in the near future.

Several brands stood out in 2017 for a variety of reasons. Thus, I highlight two that represented the sector well. The first is Gucci that literally renewed the world fashion market and won several awards in the industry. The second, and even more iconic, is the Tiffany & Co. that has fulfilled the dream of millions of fans in the premium universe by creating its luxurious Café that will allow its customers to experience even more unforgettable and memorable experiences.

In Brazil, we have had an even more evident democratization of the sector of high standard, highlighting regions far beyond the Rio-São Paulo axis, and Luxury Therapy also had much to celebrate this year. Our accomplishments helped to strengthen the segment and presented to the organizations that act in the sector always the best solutions for the demands of the luxury market.

In this panorama of great optimism, enthusiasm and happiness with which we close the year, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and that 2018 will be even better, happier and, of course, even more luxurious.

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