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In the daily market of luxury it is normal to carry out the most diverse types of events. After all, launches, parties and social events are ideal moments to get in direct contact with the public and with clients and, mainly, to promote the exchange of experiences and ideas.

However, if the glamor of parties and the happiness of being among loved ones is the most visible side of events, they also demand a high level of commitment in their production, enthusiasm for the idea to leave the role and become reality and intense work so that all participants feel satisfied with the results.

Vip Women Experience - Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort

Vip Women Experience – Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience these two facets of the premium market intensely. In a few days, I was present at three nationally prominent events in three different states of Brazil, thousands of kilometers apart. If the distance separated them, my happiness and pride in participating of all certainly united them.

My luxury marathon began on the 2nd of August with the lecture “The luxury market between dream and reality” delivered during the first edition of the Vip Women Experience. The event that was held at Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, located on the Santa Catarina coast, was an opportunity to share with a highly interested and demanding public the concepts and reality of the Brazilian and world luxury market.

Lançamento do livro “Entre taças de champanhe e cálices de vinho” em Salvador

Lançamento do livro “Entre taças de champanhe e cálices de vinho” em Salvador

The next day, another moment of great accomplishment: the launching of my book “Between glasses of champagne and glasses of wine” in the city of Salvador. The capital of Bahia was the last destination of the launch tour of the publication and allowed me to know even more deeply a market that has been highlighting when it comes to the segment of high standard. In addition, I have fraternized with long-time and dear friends, further increasing my happiness and pride.

To conclude, on October 5, in São Paulo, I participated as an intermediary of Rakuten Expo 2017, an event for e-commerce professionals that approached the solutions and technologies of the online market. There were almost 5,000 subscribers who sold out and participated in a debate of the highest level on topics ranging from the importance of social media to growth strategies in times of economic instability.

Rakuten Expo 2017 - São Paulo

Rakuten Expo 2017 – São Paulo

The realization of events of such greatness in such a short space of time highlights that the luxury market in Brazil is really in the process of heating. By breaking new regions and getting in touch with new audiences, the high-profile segment shows that democratization is definitely one of its main concepts.

Having the chance to actively participate in the market discussions and contribute my experience to broaden and enhance the debate about the Brazilian premium market made this week one of the most stimulating and encouraging periods of my professional career. Alarming the pleasure of meeting friends and the opportunity to discuss with an interested and participative audience was a truly luxurious and unforgettable experience.

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