It’s time to grow back


On June 19 of this year the Terapia do Luxo completed five years of work with the sector of high Brazilian standard. Throughout that time, we have evolved a lot and, nowadays, more than information and knowledge, we offer companies and organizations that operate in the premium segment strategic and operational solutions focused on business.

In this period the high-end market also underwent major changes. Accumulation definitely gave way to the concept of sensation, that is, the idea of ​​valuing experiences was strongly strengthened. Terapia do Luxo has followed all these transformations closely and, in addition to reporting the changes, has also pointed paths and directions through its materials, articles and reports.

It is therefore with particular enthusiasm that on October 25th I received the information that the Bain and Company consultancy published a report stating that after a period of relative stagnation, the luxury market has grown again and the expectation is that the results of 2017 reach the amount of 1.2 trillion euros.

According to Claudia D’Arpizio, one of the people responsible for the study, “we started to see a stronger momentum in the first half of the year, and this has continued in recent months, allowing the personal luxury goods market to really recover its brightness.” And the recovery of this brilliance happened especially due to the connected sector of personal luxury goods, that is, articles such as clothes, watches and fashion accessories were the main lever of this growth.

Terapia do Luxo, to a certain extent, had already anticipated this conclusion a bit by reporting that brands linked to the LVMH and Kering groups had released extremely positive numbers over the past year.

One aspect reported in the study is quite striking: if Europe continues to be the most prominent region when it comes to luxury retailing, Chinese consumers, in turn, already account for almost one-third of world buyers of high-end goods pattern.

Another interesting detail is that the online trade stood out in the period and registered an increase of approximately 25%. The data from the report show that we are living a certain moment to grow again and, for the entire Brazilian segment of high standards, Terapia do Luxo is on hand to contribute whatever it takes. Count on us and the coming months are even better for the whole market.

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