Comfort and speed above the clouds


On average, an air trip between Brazil and the United States takes approximately nine hours. Departing from São Paulo towards London, the time is slightly longer: 12 hours. Imagine being able to make the first road trip to America in four hours and the second trip to the land of Queen Elizabeth II in just six hours.

This is the wish of the company Spike Aerospace, whose design of a supersonic aircraft is already in the test phase. Although the first flights were prototype and unmanned, the data serve as a basis for analyzing strategic information such as the spacecraft’s stability and takeoff and landing moments.


While traditional commercial aircraft reach an average of 980 kilometers, the supersonic jet is expected to reach an incredible 1,770 km / h. According to Vik Kachoria, president of Spike Aerospace, the company is doing “a lot of analysis using computational fluid dynamics tools and simulations, but until you have an aircraft in the air, you really do not have proof of how it will cope.”

In addition to speed, comfort will also be one of the highlights of the aircraft. With the capacity to carry up to 22 passengers, all the facilities required for a quiet trip will be on board. The most anxious, however, is worth a warning: according to Spike Aerospace forecasts the supersonic jet will only have its flights operated in 2021.

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