Natural beauty

After completing the acquisition of the British brand The Body Shop for a value of one billion euros, last year Natura accelerated its expansion through the opening of physical stores in Brazil and abroad. Betting on the concept of a natural beauty and valuing the human and environmental resources, the brand has been highlighting and consolidating itself as one of the main companies in the area of ​​cosmetics in Brazil.

The concept developed by Natura is one of the trends of the cosmetic segment for the next years. According to Gislene Attilio Meyer, Marketing Manager for Dow’s Home & Personal Care in Latin America, in addition to valuing health and well-being, raising life expectancy and increasing connectivity should strongly impact the market from here front.

According to research carried out in the social sciences, by the middle of this century approximately two billion people will be over 65 years old. In addition, digital democratization is becoming more frequent, increasing the access to the most diverse publics. Keeping in mind these profound social changes and developing sustainable products that value individuality and customization needs, cosmetic brands must meet the demands of increasingly demanding consumers.

A valorização da saúde, a elevação da expectativa de vida e o aumento da conectividade são fatores que devem impactar o mercado de cosméticos nos próximos anos

It is also worth mentioning that the interest of the male public with the corporal and aesthetic care also only tends to increase in the next years and some of the main luxury brands of the world have already perceived this panorama and have long developed products destined for men.

If at any time the commercial results of the past year have left something to be desired, there is no doubt that in 2018 the cosmetics industry trend tends to be much more beautiful. It’s natural, too.

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