High technology and great results

Smartphones have long ceased to be just devices for communication and connection to become authentic objects of desire. And, perhaps, no other symbolizes this panorama more than the iPhone, Apple’s device that usually promotes customer rush whenever a new model hits stores.

And it seems that the combination of high technology and efficient brand management are bringing extremely positive results for Apple, since in the fourth quarter of 2017 the American brand surpassed Samsung in the number of handsets sold in the world market.

According to a report released in early February, Apple recorded the sale of 77.3 million iPhones while Samsung closed the period with 74.1 million devices sold. In terms of the market, this represents an amount of 19.2% for the American brand versus 18.4% for the Korean competitor.

Another curious fact of the study is that from third to fifth place in sales were three Chinese brands. According to analysts responsible for the research, the panorama identified by the results highlights that the most sought-after smartphones, in fact, fall into a category in which luxury overcomes the need.

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